John C. Barber, MD

John C. Barber, MD, author of several books related to the practice of medicine.

DR. BARBER spent a career in academic ophthalmology. During his fellowship in corneal diseases at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston, he began working with corneal prostheses. He has conducted research on collagenase inhibition, serum anti-proteases in the cornea and the development of an effective corneal prosthesis. These fields have all come together in this book which describes the development of a keratoprosthesis. He has implanted more than sixty prostheses in cat eyes.

He is a charter member of the Keratoprosthesis Study Group and has attended meetings of the group in the United States and Europe. Dr. Barber has published over seventy articles and abstracts in scientific journals including several concerning the development of keratoprostheses.

During eighteen years at the University of Texas Medical Branch, nine as Chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology, and twelve years as chairman at the St. Francis Medical Center he saw many patients who needed a keratoprosthesis for diseases including Ocular Cicatricial Pemphigoid, Stevens Johnson Syndrome, alkali burns, severe dry eyes, and amoebic keratitis. He ran residency programs at both institutions and trained over ninety ophthalmologists.

Dr. Barber is now retired from medical practice and is living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has written books on patient care and the biography of hos father. He gardens in the back yard, and travels extensively. He enjoys classical music and has performed supernumerary roles as part of his interest in opera. He is an avid golfer and enjoys sailing cruising sized sailboats.

His first book contains ninety short stories of his most interesting patients under the title, The Joy of Medical Practice, Forty Years of Interesting Patients. 

Since retirement, Dr. Barber has had many people approach him at parties, church, events, etc. with questions about their eyes. He decided to write a book to answer many of these questions to educate people about common eye problems. See Hey Doc! What's Wrong with MY Eye,A General Guide to Eye Symptoms.

Dr. Barber has now written the biography of his father, Harry C. Barber, M.D. who was a general physician and surgeon. THe book details how he overcame great obstacles to become a physician. He overcame the disadvantage of a hunting accident when he was seventeen that left him with no left eye and npo left thumb. Th book title is The One-Eyed Surgeon with Only One Thumb: Adventures with My Dad, Harry C. Braber, MD, FACS.